We recently had the pleasure of attending WaterBear’s Underground Music Conference as part of their industry witness panels. With an emphasis on joining the dots and helping new bands with guidance and have their music heard by industry experts, this ethos fits perfectly with Lightning In A Bottle’s core values.

If you’ve ever attended a conference event like this, you’ll appreciate just how much can be gained by being in “the thick of it” and the golden nuggets of information and advice to be had by putting yourselves out there. WaterBear’s UMC is no different and we both found ourselves coming away from each event inspired and motivated.

Each conference we were involved with (3 to date: Brighton, Bristol and Belfast… the 3 B’s) included engaging keynote speeches by WaterBear personnel, Damien Keyes and then the panel discussion which featured ourselves alongside musicians, managers, media and more including the likes of Arya Goggin and Mikey Demus (Skindred), Terri Chapman (Rock People Management, Massive Wagons), Tom Harte (Trucker Diablo), Ben Ash (Carcuss), Mark Ashby (Uber Rock) and more enthusiastic music industry individuals. With questions fielded by WaterBear, we each had a chance to discuss our opinions on various topics which included song writing, music production, PR and marketing, social media and what it’s like to be a musician today etc. All events were very immersive, with the audience encouraged to participate and ask the panel questions.

A highlight of each UMC was the opportunity to meet with the audience after the panel and have discussions about music and specifically, the bands or business they were in. Most interestingly of all, everyone we spoke to in Brighton, Bristol and Belfast all shared the same passion and drive and were eager to ask questions and learn and share their take on things. It’s events like this were you can really connect with people on a human to human level and strip away the coldness that email or social media can feel at times. We both came away from the UMC’s with new friends, working partnerships and exciting prospects to evolve creative artists wanting to step outside their comfort zone and try something new with Lightning In A Bottle.

Highly recommend!

About WaterBear:
WaterBear is a new music college based in Brighton. Co-founded by Toby’s Little Angels bandmate Bruce John Dickinson, along with Adam Bushell (Will Young, Ritchie Kotzen) and Mark Clayden (Pitchshifter), WaterBear offers BA (Hons) and MA Programmes for Musicians and Creatives.

More information: https://waterbear.org.uk