Set in stunning rural surroundings near the city of Bath in South West England, Real World Studios Peter Gabriel) is a recording facility, where Toby and Rob spent two days working with music artists Darling Boy and Tuesday Syndicate.

“I’ve had THE MOST creatively exciting day at Real World Studios with the utterly brilliant Lightning In A Bottle!” – Alexander Gold (Darling Boy)

Full of wit and a genuine eccentric, possessed of a natural talent for storytelling, Alexander is an interesting proposition for the British music scene. As an actor, musicians, singer song writer and more, Darling Boy perform both as a group and as a solo artist. For the purpose of this workshop, we decided to ask Alexander along by himself; as crucially he is the nucleus of what Darling Boy is and ultimately, only he could engage in the explorative discussions to be had.

Over the course of the workshop, we simply sat down in one of Real World Studio’s rehearsals rooms with Alexander and his acoustic guitar and began the process of discussing what Darling Boy is, who Alexander believed himself to be and reflecting on his choices to date and importantly, where his compositions could sit within his suite and drive forward his pursuit of creating songs that empower people and engage ambition.

Alex impressed on Toby and Rob his desire to be open minded and when presenting the final song of the day, it provided the eureka moment of the workshop courtesy of a grand piano that gave a glimpse of where Alexander’s future as a creative in the music industry could be, given the right focus.

Tuesday Syndicate

Ironically, our workshop with Tuesday Syndicate was actually on a Tuesday. A total fluke and we took this as a good omen. Tuesday Syndicate are an interesting proposal. Featuring modern soundscapes, their music is underpinned by a foundation of guitar rock and lead vocalist/guitarist Sam has a great voice, unique to a point, and puts us in mind of those great male rock vocalists like Bryan Adams, Kelly Jones, Chris Cornell or even Tom Jones. A strong character filled voice that resonates and tells a story well. 

The workshop consisted for the majority of experimenting with the band’s amps, encouring them to turn the volume up and FEEL their performances (Tuesday Syndicate pointed out they were constrained by their rehearsal space and need to use “in ear” monitor technology but work was in progress for a new studio space where levels could go up… we 100% encouraged this) and be energised by the songs they were performing. A flurry of new material was presented, demonstrating the potential avenues Tuesday Syndicate could explore to help themselves stand out from the masses. The addition of Kristian on keyboards and guitar gives Tuesday Syndicate an edge that we felt hadn’t been utilised yet and needs further exploration. With focus and commitment, TS have an exciting creative period ahead of them.

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