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 . Discover ways to get your music noticed by the music industry.

. solutions to overcome fear of failure in music business.

. be more confident with yourself and your music career.

Our online consultation service has been designed to help musicians and music business individuals uncover strengths and recognise the challenges so many face working in the music industry, helping to form a roadmap to reach true potentials and manage wellbeing and mental health better.

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Few things in the music industry are more difficult than building healthy, real, reciprocal relationships. Each one presents unique challenges; Respect must be built and harmful situations handled with caution in order to achieve better wellbeing for your music career. Download our free guide, no sign up required.

“This is an amazing opportunity to work with two of the most talented and generous people in rock. With Toby and Rob you get the complete package – a deep understanding of machinery that drives the music industry along with tried and tested ability to write hit songs and produce career defining records. It you were looking for a leg up and you’re prepared to listen, take constructive criticism and work hard, then this is it. The real thing!”

Bruce John Dickinson

Founder / Director, WaterBear - The College Of Music

Collectively Toby Jepson and Rob Town (MA) have shared stages and worked with music artists, bands, brands, companies, and festivals including:

30 Minute CONSULTATION (20% off)

£40 (rrp £50)

“Understand the Necessary Cornerstones of your music career quickly”

A great opportunity to let us examine your unique situation, and help you understand the key cornerstones necessary to help you move forward with your music career and avoid common pitfalls in music business. Ideal for anyone looking to have a taster as to what Lightning In A Bottle offers musicians and those working in the music industry, aiding a more positive outlook to help you thrive with your music career.



““Healthcheck your music career””

An entry level session designed to build trust and communication between ourselves and your music career. To get a taste of what our longer term consultation packages can bring, why not take advantage of a one hour music career healthcheck session. This is a great opportunity to let us examine your unique situation, focus on strategies needed to aid your progress, and for you to pick our brains about the music industry and your place in it. 



“Discuss song development before committing your money”

Give your new music the best possible chance. With nearly 40,000 songs uploaded to streaming platforms like Spotify every 24 hours, the music industry is inundated and saturated with songs that sound over familiar and sonically similar. Our A&R consultation is perfect for hardworking music artists who are willing to listen so that they can get the possible unique results with their songs during the writing and demo process before commiting to expensive production, promotion, and distribution budgets.



Three one hour online consultations.  Toby and Rob will discuss your current situation and tailor consultations that will help set a roadmap to a more positive future for your music career.

Hour One: The Band.

A healthy discussion and analysis of your unique situation with both Toby and Rob. Focusing on creative solutions and strategies to form the beginnings of your ‘Roadmap’, we’ll help you understand how to best develop yourselves as a collective group of musicians. At the end of the hour’s consultation you will receive a ‘conclusion sheet’ with our recommendations PLUS tasks that will continue the development of your music career.

Hour Two: The Music.

With an emphasis on being unique and celebrating that uniqueness, hour two is an in depth analysis and discussion of your music with Toby and Rob. We’ll provide suggestions and creative ideas about how to improve your song writing techniques including: overall direction, subject matter, ethos and approach to band rehearsals. All suitably tailored to your style of music. You will receive a conclusion sheet, recommendations and further tasks to continue the process of how best to maximise the ideas discussed.

Hour Three: Marketing and PR.

An in depth discussion and analysis with Rob and Toby providing creative ideas and suggestions on how to best present and market your band professionally in today’s fast and media savvy environment. You will receive a conclusion sheet, recommendations and tasks to complete about all the topics discussed.
At the end of the process you will receive a conclusive Roadmap document that sums up our recommendations and suggestions, helping you continue to positively develop your music career.


£1000 (rrp £1200)

12 one hour online consultations.


This unique package is ideal for bands with long term projects in mind, such as the writing, rehearsing and development of an album campaign, including all aspects of video, stage presentation, photography and marketing strategies. It also caters for bands and artists who wish to develop their music career long term. This package takes the form of monthly person to person on-line consultancy, with task based recommendations that form a comprehensive, unique ‘Roadmap’ plan.

At the end of the process you will receive a conclusive Roadmap document that sums up our recommendations and suggestions, helping you continue to positively develop your music career.

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