Toby and Rob had a very productive workshop day with Attic Theory recently, Hailing from Liverpool, this new rock band are really committing to the process following a series of online consultations and we are seeing first hand the hard work put in. Over the course of the workshop day new ideas flourished, previously untapped sources and avenues were discovered and the five piece thrived with inspiration and positivity.

Spending the majority of the workshop on the music, everyone focused on how ideas and songs could become more unique, almost niche in there delivery but with a strong potency to help draw in music fans and help the group appeal to a wider audience. Everyone dug deep to get the most out of the session. Discussing the next steps, focusing on the music was imperative as was the potential avenues Attic Theory could approach to delivering their debut EP via a strong production, promotion and distribution process.

We look forward to seeing what happens next with the band and working with them further.

Feedback from Attic Theory:

Lew Wright (vocals) – “The consultations and workshop have been eye opening. We have received honest, constructive advice about our songs, our image and the direction of Attic Theory.  Rob and Toby can see something in us and are working with us to unleash that very beast. We recently attended a LIAB workshop, where we played our new songs in front of Rob and Toby.
You have to be open minded with the process and don’t take things personally. It can sometimes be hard to hear feedback about your music as your band, is your baby, but every comment is followed by positive reinforcement, suggestions and guidance to point you in the right direction. If you are willing to try new ideas and leave your ego at the door, the process is fun and enlightening.”

Tim Cunningham (Guitar / Backing Vocals) – “Well. This was the first time that I was actually happy having songs that I have had a part in writing analysed and taken apart. Reformed from the ground up into more coherent pieces of viable music! Having mentors like Rob and Toby has allowed me to be open to guidance and constructive criticism like never before. Never thought I’d be happy turning one of my songs into 3 different songs, but I was absolutely made up to have the insight of music industry professionals with masses of experience. And that is the key! Mentors and advisers who are in the music industry and have masses of experience. They know what they’re talking about, and we listened!”

Peter Donnolly (Guitar) – “Working with Toby and Rob, seasoned professionals in the industry, is one of the best things we’ve done for our music career as they have helped us try to reach our full potential with song writing and arrangements. If only we could bottle them up and take them to rehearsals every week!”

Kenny McArthur (Bass) – “It’s great to work with people who actually have real experience when it comes to writing and arranging, as well as help you to steer your band through the iceberg and shark infested waters of the music industry. Great guys with a great set of skills!”

Dave Hornby (Drums) – “It was delightful and very eye opening, good to get fresh ears on what we’re trying to achieve and they’re the best people for that!”

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