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Put the music back at the heart of being a musician - Lightning In A Bottle Music Consultants

music business
is saturated.

The Internet and specifically social media has become a place of white noise and despite being a fantastic platform for anyone to promote and sell their art, very few bands and artists truly emerge to have fulfilling, creative careers.

The founders of Lightning In A Bottle Music Consultants

Our mission is to help you answer some of the fundamental questions.

Lightning In A Bottle has been set up by musicians for musicians, to help inform, encourage, support and empower, to bring a real, honest approach to the problems and challenges that so many bands and music artists face everyday. It can be a bewildering and frustrating process trying to get your music noticed but all too often that process is hampered by simple and easy to avoid mistakes, poor communication, not having a coherent plan, and often spending far too little time creating the art.

It is a fact that the biggest obstacle to success often resides in the music. Without great songs, without clear direction and without purpose, all of the surrounding needs and desires such as getting an agent and manager, are simply empty promises.

Lightning In A Bottle Music Consultants

We believe that everything starts and ends with the music, and as such believes and trusts in the musician enough to ask:

“Who are you?”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Why do you want to do this?”

These are fundamental questions that, once answered, can become the cornerstone to a new positive creative future. This is a people business, a human experience and every ounce of that experience should go into the creation of the art.


Without the art being truly unique, individual, wonderful, we are nothing but emulators of others ideas. If you can stand out, make your passion potent enough to captivate and enthrall, then you have a chance.

We may not have all the answers but we are passionate about seeking them and helping musicians discover a road map that can help them find a more fulfilling, empowering and positive future.

About Toby Jepson & rob town

Toby Jepson

One time singer/songwriter/frontman for UK rock band Little Angels who achieved international success between 1989 and 1995 – Producer and songwriter for many including SAXON, THE ANSWER and KATIE MELUA. Currently writes and performs with UK rock act Wayward Sons.

Rob Town

Founder of UK music PR and Marketing agency Stampede Press, Rob is former bassist / co-manager for the band Panic Cell (as seen live with Metallica, Disturbed and more, plus festivals like Download, Sonisphere, SXSW and many more).

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