Lightning In A Bottle is a Music Management Consultation Agency set up by musicians and music business people with proven track records in the industry. We’re here to help inform, encourage, support and empower musicians, to bring a real, honest approach to the problems and challenges that so many bands and music artists face everyday and help them find their unique.

Co-founded by Toby Jepson (Little Angels/Wayward Sons) and Rob Town (Panic Cell/Stampede Press); collectively they bring over 60 years of experience in the music industry onstage and behind the scenes. Join them on their journey.

Collectively Toby Jepson and Rob Town (MA) have shared stages and worked with music artists, bands, brands, companies, and festivals including:

Lightning In A Bottle provides consultation packages, that are A&R orientated but also direct one on one ‘roadmap’ planning, and workshops, mentoring, song writing opportunities and production plans that can take a band from the rehearsal room to the mastering suite and social media and marketing planning for bands of all levels of ability and experience.

Consultation Packages

Online based analysis and discussion designed to help you discover and uncover your strengths, build on them, and recognise and confront the challenges musicians face in the music industry, helping to form a roadmap to reach your true potential.

On-site Workshops

A rehearsal room based examination and creative solution process. Working with you, in an honest, practical, intensive day that seeks to help you focus, communicate, improve and rediscover your music and its true potential.


One on one help and encouragement, direct, personal and designed to focus on you and your passion. Find your happy, discover your joy.

Music production & Songwriting

Co-writing opportunities to give you that creative edge your songs may need, production packages for serious projects designed to give you not only world class recordings but also a world class studio experience that will change the way you approach your song craft and performance as a act. A and R, rehearsals and pre production are key, performance capture of great songs our focus.

PR & Music Marketing

Discover great ways to have your music seen and heard by fans and influential tastemakers to help you stand out from the crowd. We believe in effective, imaginative solutions delivered via proven marketing methods, including up to date social media practices and building reputable relations with press and media outlets.


Education Services

With over 60 years of experience of the ever changing music business, we offer honest, positive dialogue in the form of lectures, class room based Q and A that covers many important aspects of what it is to be a creative musician in the modern music industry.

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